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KDE19STA3 – 16.25kVA


  • Rated output of 16.25kVA
  • Rated Frequency 50 Hz
  • Rated Voltage 230V
  • Rated Speed (r/min) 3000
  • Pole number 2
  • Engine Model KM376AG
  • Total Displacement 1.048L


  • Unique and Compact Structure
  • Digital Control Panel
  • High Quality Power Output
  • Competitive Economic Advantage
  • Automatic Transfer Switch


Building Silent and High-quality Generators to Enhance Your Lifestyle.The KIPOR Digital Sinemaster generator set series offer unsurpassedtechnology, quality and consumer benefits in the industry.Lightweight Portable Generator PowerThe alternator is connected directly to the engine, eliminating the flywheel as in traditional sets. This design results in a 50% reduction in weight and overall dimensions. Electric power is made available to a wide range of applications.Unique Construction Utilizing The Latest TechnologyPatented cooling air intake design, smart throttle power management, sound attenuation construction and inverter style output all combine to produce state-of-the-art portable electric power.CertificationKIPOR digital gensets have received EPA, CE, CETL, PSE certifications.Green Power SystemThe KIPOR Digital Sinemaster Series is among the most environmentally friendly class of generators in the marketplace. The two-tiered noise dampening system results in a 10-15 decibel reduction from traditional generator sets. The high-efficiency combustion system results in ultra-low emissionsQuality PowerKIPOR utilizes inverter technology in the Digital Sinemaster Series generators to produce a pure sine wave AC output. The inverter unit tightly regulates voltage and frequency. You can rely on the generator to safely run all electronic equipment including microprocessor controlled appliances and toolsA wide Range of BenefitsIn addition to clean, quiet, and efficient power, KIPOR offers superior overload and low oil level protection. The unique Smart Throttle automatically varies the engine speed according to the load, resulting in lower fuel consumption and less engine noise. Using 20 to 40% less fuel than a conventional set results in a longer running time.Great Model LineupKIPOR offers a number of generators with output to match your particular application.